Štítky: krížik prívesok, striebro, reťaz hrubé, júlia, necklac, 925 silver, hiphop šperky, muži necklac, reťaz necklac, jewelry steel, reťaz kubánskej odkaz.

€0.82 €1.60
  • Skladom
  • f206

  • Materiál: Kov
  • Tvar\vzor: Kolo
  • Prívesok Veľkosť: 1 cm
  • Názov Značky: shiyuefangfei
  • Reťazec Typu: Odkaz Reťazca
  • Príležitosti: strana
  • Číslo Modelu: C1046 C1047
  • Kompatibilita: Všetky Kompatibilné
  • Štýl: TRENDY
  • Jemné alebo Módne: Móda
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Kovy Typ: Zliatiny Zinku
  • Položka Druh: Náhrdelníky
  • Náhrdelník Typ: Chokers Náhrdelníky
  • Pohlavie: Ženy

Yulechka Ooo
Пришла в Кинель за 3 недели. На фото выглядит лучше, не совсем короткая.
J D Jeepy
All OK. Only went long
The chain is cool by the color solution and I immediately wanted to myself this, but the seller put the incorrect photos and description. First, the chain is not massive, it's much already very light (but I even liked it) I think I'll probably have to combine it with other chains Secondly, the shade of gold (a slightly untouched light shade)... but here it tastes and color)) I attach several photos (I have an easy distortion of color and lighting in the room leaves much to be desired) in color from the massive look for yourself in comparison with other chains. Honestly it looks very simple (and honestly... it's a fraud and a low price is not an excuse to get people. I would rather have paid than I got this) you can wear it, but I have chains cooler... I do not advise this to buy

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